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Tattoo Goo Color Guard Stick

UV Sun Screen
With SPF 30

Vol. 0.45 oz

Harga: Rp. 95.000

Order @ 08176447528
Color Guard Stick - SPF 30 rating, plus special UV/UVA inhibitors, help protect tattoos from fading. Other ingredients help to provide moisture the tattoo thus enhancing color. The large stick allows precision application, helping protect the tattoo while allowing for tanning of other skin areas. 24 Pack Counter Display item 305 .45oz.
The sun is the enemy of your tattoo. The powerful ultra-violent rays (UVR) of the sun change fade, and destroy all it comes in contact with over a period of time. It takes only 1 hour of direct sunlight to ruin a new unprotected tattoo. Color Guard® with its unique formula acts as a shield for your tattoo while it rejuvenates the appearance of your tattoo. Color Guard® Stick was established to create exclusive skin care products to improve and protect the longevity of tattoos whether you are involved with water sports, sunning, skiing or working outdoors. Like all Lakeview Laboratories products they are not tested on animals.
Benefits of Color Guard

A formula which preserves color and art work unlike sun block which just prevents tattoo from sun burn and moisturizes your tattoo while continually enhances its color. Unique formula rejuvenates and nourishes tattooed skin stimulating cell regeneration Moisturizes your tattoo while continually enhancing its color Applies easily, precisely and clearly until fully absorbed Enriches your skin naturally with extracts of Aloe, plus contain enriched with Vitamin E-Complex Helps fight against premature aging and is a safe hypoallergenic solution to long term skin care.
Use as Anti Fade:
Apply liberally to tattoo area when going outside for working, skiing, swimming etc. Color Guard is specially recommended when using a tanning bed. Reapply every couple of hours for ultimate protection. Remember, the harmful rays of the sun will penetrate light clothing, such as a T-shirt, bathing suit or bikini. So treat these tattooed areas like they are directly exposed to the sun with Color Guard.
For Tattoo Regeneration:
Apply twice daily to area for best results. As Color Guard unique formula begins to regenerate the cells of the dermas you will begin to see it brighten and emerge.
For Overall Best Results:
Apply Color Guard® liberally daily and have no more worries about the colors and appearance of your tattoo! Your tattoo will be protected and continue looking new.
The combination of Color Guard’s® unique blend of vitamins and natural minerals protects your tattoo and its appearance. Rejuvenating your tattoo while acting as an anti-oxidant and protecting your skin

Sun Protection Explained

The concept of a protection factor (PF) is useful when attempting to quantify the UVR( ultra violent rays) protection that products such as fabrics,sunsreeen and eyewear can provide. The PF indicates how much UVR is blocked by a material. For example, a material with a UPF rating of 20 would only allow 1/20th of the hazardous UVR falling on its surface to pass through it. This means that this material would reduce the UVR exposure by a factor of 20. Stated another way, this material would block 95% of the UVR and transmit only 5%
Sun protection factor (SPF) is a measure of the protection provided by sunscreens. SPF is the ratio of the UVR dose that is regarded to produce a perceptible reddening of skin treated with sunscreen compared to untreated skin. Use of sunscreen of at least SPF 15 is recommended for any areas of the body exposed to UVR.

Commonly used protection factors

There are several types of protection factors used to rate UVR protection provided by specific types of products. To provide adequate sun protection, materials must usually have a PF of 15 or higher. The following table shows that to provide effective protection a material must block more than 93% of UV radiation.

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