Rabu, 26 Juni 2013

Tattoo Kit 9

(New Item..!! Full Set 1 Mesin)

READY STOCK !!! Harga: Rp. 1.600.000

Order @ 08176447528 (Joshua)


1 LCD screen Top quality professional power supply system (can work under 110V/230V, and we will send the plug fitted your country.The power supply plug, we provide different power cords and plugs to meet different customers).

1 pc of Ink Cup Holder 100 pcs of ink cups.

1 pc stainless steel Tattoo Machine Grips.

8- different- size stainless steel tips (nozzles).

10 High quality pre made sterile tattoo needles (the sizes from round liner 3,5,7,9; round shader 5,7,9; magnum 5,7,9; 5 for each size).

1 pcs professional tattoo machine for lining and shading (10 warp coils).

5 PCS disposable tips(nozzles).

1 Set of adjust tools and other attachments.

1 pcs of Tattoo Practice Skin.

1 bottle (20ml/bottle = 3/4 OZ) of great quality black tattoo ink.

1 pcs disposal grip with needle.

A pairs of disposable gloves

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