Selasa, 11 September 2012

Tattoo Kit 8

(New Item..!!! Full Set 4 mesin)

READY STOCK !!! Harga: Rp. 2.800.000


(New Item..!!! Full Set 4 mesin)


1. Authentic Kuro Sumi Tattoo Inks Black Color,MADE IN USA
   USA Original Immortal tattoo inks 0.16oz 20 colors
2. 4 pcs cast iron top quality tattoo machine,copper coils,Can be set for lining or shading work,one-year warranty.
3. Dual Quality Power Supply System. 6-month warranty.Foot pedal,clip cord, power cord available.Built-in short-circuit protection and leakage protection makes it safer, steadier and more powerful when tattooing.
4. Alloy Tattoo grips: 2 pcs Comfortable, non-slip, firm, professional grips for each machine, convenient to use!
   PVC Tattoo Grips: 2 pcs Dragonhawk newest design,correction posture,comfortable and durable.
   Disposal Tattoo Grips: 2 pcs sterile black tattoo 1" 25mm grip tube for liner and shader work
5. Tattoo needles: 10pcs & sizes for liner and shader,Individually blister packed & pre-sterilized tattoo needles.
6. Steel Tattoo tips: 10 pcs high-quality, easy-to-clean tattoo tips
   Disposal Tattoo tips: 20 pcs Dragonhawk tattoo tips for liner and shader.
7. Other accessories:
1 pcs portable Carry Case with lock & key
50pcs medium Tattoo Ink Cup flat base no need for cup holder
1pcs Thick Practice Skin
1 pcs 4-part SPIRIT Stencil Paper
1 set Adjustment tool set for machine
50pcs grommet
50pcs rubber bands
50pcs O-ring
1 set Cleaning Brush for machine&tip&grip
1 Pcs White LED tattoo machine light
1 Pcs tattoo video to help you easy to pick up everything.
1 Pcs Tattoo Instruction Covers all FAQS from machines to inks
1 Pcs tattoo guide to how to contact your tattoo kit
Tattoo recovery vitamin ointment A&D cream
Cleaning Brush for machine,tip,grip.
Powder-free black tattoo gloves large
Tattoo Dry Wipes Medline Nature Soft Flushable
Tattoo speed stick
Tattoo blue soap 1 OZ 100% natural oil based

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