Senin, 10 September 2012

Tattoo Kit 1


READY STOCK !!! Harga: Rp. 2.100.000

Order @ 08176447528 (Joshua)


1. Dragonhawk Tattoo Power Supply Lcd Dual For Machine Gun,foot pedal, clip cord include.
Professional Soft Clip Cord Black Silica GelTattoo Power Supply
2. Immortal tattoo inks USA original 0.16oz 10 colors
3. Dragonhawk PVC grips,comfortable for entire hand 2 pcs,alloy black grip 1 pcs
4. 2pcs Disposable sterile black tattoo 1" 25mm grip tube for liner and shader work
5. Three Dragonhawk tattoo machines,copper coils:two for shader,one for liner work supplies
6. Spirit Tattoo Stencil Transfer SPIRIT Paper Hectograph Carbon 1PCS
Tattoo Fake Skin Soft Blank for Needle Machine Supply
7. Speed stick deodorant tattoo clean supplies regular tool
8. Blue soap cleansing & soothing 1oz.
9. Tattoo Kit Case Lock Aluminum Carry Storage Supply Bag Potable Thickening
10. Tattoo ink cups no holder flat base quality ABS plastic clear 50 PCS
silicone ink cup:Unique design in the bottom "suction cup",more stability.
11. Tattoo cream ointment for recovery vitamin A&D 1 pc
12. Disposable Sterile Tattoo Needles 10 pcs
13. one Set of adjust tools and other attachments:tattoo-machine rubber bands,mixed-color grommets,rubber o-rings,adjust tool.
14. one set Cleaning Brush for machine,tip,grip.
15. Tattoo Dry Wipes Medline Nature Soft Flushable,strong wipes are gentle to the touch but tough enough for all cleaning needs
16. Dragonhawk tattoo tips for liner and shader,Each tip is individually packaged in it's own factory sealed blister pack,20 pcs
17. Free tutorial:please visit our "Tattoo Education" for more videos.

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  1. ,online shop tattoo kit 1, dan cara pengriman nya, thanx

  2. Untuk Order silahkan langsung ke hp aja ya bos 08176447528 (Joshua).


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